ReaDOP is an animal tattoo scanning system for digital supply chain traceability.

ReaDOP is an automated animal tattoo code verification system supporting real-time traceability of ham products in the supply chain. It can digitally read the producer’s code on each pig.

The integration of the vision system and robotic hardware will greatly simplify processes, therefore saving time and resources.

What ReaDOP Solves

Slaughterhouses / ham factories are now able to fulfill the requirements set by Italian Ham consortiums, by automated means and reduce the risk of human error.

The current state of techniques is costly and flawed

Manual recording

The process of data collection and analysis is strongly limited by the work and environmental conditions and by the organization of the workflow.

Risk of Human Error

Subjectivity of interpretation, fatigue and distraction may affect the evaluation of different veterinarians who carry on the inspection of consignments of slaughtered animals.

Manual Traceability

The data collection at the slaughterhouse is often carried out manually. This requires additional hours of work  to allow data to be transferred digitally so that it can be analysed and shared.

First Case Study

Automated leg tattoo identification for prosciutto.


Slaughterhouses are required to verify that the information contained in the tattoo codes on both thighs of the individual animal coincide with the ones provided in the statements made by the farms

How it Works

ReaDOP Advantages

1. Smart

Thanks to a powerful integrated vision system and a software created ad hoc for the reading of trademarks, the Robot sees, thinks and works like a human being, easily creating the most diverse automation applications.

2. Simple

The Robot learns the working positions with the simple manual accompaniment: the great handling of the robot and the software learning mode make the operations extremely simple.

3. Industry 4.0

Intelligent and collaborative robotics plays a primary role in the new National Business Plan 4.0. Thanks to this Tax Credit, with a rate of up to 40%, companies can quickly obtain an economic advantage to compensate for an investment made while increasing productivity.

4. Safety Compliant

Thanks to a powerful vision system, the robot complies with ISO 10218 safety requirements, in design, hardware, software and operation. A truly safe robot that stops when it comes into contact with an object to safeguard the safety of personnel and thus creates the best conditions for collaboration alongside robots and people.

Why ReaDOP

Automation in supply chain traceability

ReaDop technology allows automation in the traceability of the supply chain through real-time, automating the entire tattoo capture, annotation, and verification process of tattoos on livestock.


Started in 2021


Italian and U.S. Patents

Upcoming Milestones

Got to market in 2022-2023



UNITE (University of Teramo)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UniTE is an approved Centre of Excellence by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). UNITE works with Farm4Trade to certify that the technology developed is up to scientific and industrial standards and to guarantee the annotation of lesions and the scoring systems adopted on both organs and carcasses at the abattoir are compliant with the most recent advancements in veterinary medicine.


AImageLab of UniMORE (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

AImageLab is the research lab of the Department of Engineering “ENZO FERRARI” and it is the main technological partner for the Farm4Trade’s R&D projects. They certify that the technology developed is up to scientific and industrial standards and compliant with the ethical requirements on the use of AI in the diagnostic field.

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