Enhancing Meat Inspection: Farm4Trade CEO Showcases ADAL Solution at The Safe Pork Conference 2023

Discover how Farm4Trade's CEO presented the groundbreaking ADAL solution at the prestigious SafePork Conference 2023, highlighting its role in enhancing food safety and modernizing meat inspection processes.

Our CEO at Farm4Trade, Andrea Capobianco Dondona, had the incredible honor of participating in the esteemed SafePork Conference 2023 in Louisiana!

The SafePork event brings together researchers, policy makers, and industry representatives actively involved in controlling and preventing zoonoses of pig origin and addressing food safety concerns. This gathering serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on the farm-to-abattoir relationships within the pig and pork industry.

During this remarkable conference, a workshop on the modernization of meat inspection, in relation to SafePork, was held for the fourth time. Participants were presented with the latest outcomes from RIBMINS, an EU COST Action network focused on strengthening research and development in risk-based meat inspection and meat safety assurance systems.

In this enlightening setting, our CEO took the stage to present Farm4Trade's revolutionary ADAL solution and the results of its first trial under field conditions.

ADAL has been specifically designed to enhance food safety measures and automate meat inspection processes.  The study was conducted at Fatland, a medium-sized slaughterhouse in Norway, during the last quarter of 2022, in collaboration with two other partners: Animalia and UNITE.

The aim was to evaluate the feasibility of using a fully automated system for scoring pleurisy in slaughtered pigs under real conditions, using an AI-based system that employs deep learning algorithms and image processing techniques to analyze images of pig lungs captured during post-mortem examination.

We've analyzed about 20.000 images, and pleurisy was detected in 10.24% of the half-carcasses. The majority of the pigs (89.76%) did not exhibit any signs of pleurisy.  Norway's low prevalence of pleurisy compared to other countries is attributed to its strict import regulations and the absence of several important respiratory pathogens.

This preliminary investigation under field conditions demonstrates the potential of AI-based technologies in livestock production. AI can efficiently record vast amounts of data at slaughterhouses, improving the health status and profitability of pig farming

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ADAL brings a new level of assurance and efficiency to the industry.

For more information about the Safepork Conference and the advancements in risk-based meat safety assurance systems, please see the presentation at this link.