Phaid is the most robust and convenient animal ID solution for owners and regulatory organizations.

PHAID is a contactless biometric AI (Artificial Intelligence) recognition tool for livestock identification and easy traceability. Phaid can recognize bovines with 90%+ high accuracy and soon other livestock species welfare.

Animal Regulation Authorities need a more robust and updated traceability system along the entire supply chain, while capturing mass data

What PhAID Solves

The PHAID system resolves the issues of traditional animal ID tagging methods, surpasses them in a number of groundbreaking ways.

Traditional traceability options outdated and unreliable

Currently animal tracking and recognition devices such as ear tags, boluses and RFID chips,
require a great amount of hardware devices and sensors.

Theft and Disputes

Traditional devices can be removed and disputes occur, if the animal is recovered.

Errors and Heavy Maintenance

Handling errors during transport operations

Invasive to Animals

The devices may promote stressful life long conditions to both livestock and pet animals.

Behind on Features for Modern Needs

Lost opportunity to learn how to better manage animals

Cumbersome and Costly Hardware

Devices require specialized hardware, effort to install, and continuous maintenance

Devices Invite Animal Infections

Altering animals physically, created exposures for infections which jeopardizes animal welfare.

First Case Study

Cattle Heads
Biometric Identification

Government Authorities

The biometric identification system integrated with the national registry is a powerful tool that can ensure the unique identification of the individual and provide all the personal and health data associated with it

How it Works


Record ID with face scan

With the app, photo scan or upload a photo the animals face and register or associate the animal with an ID number.


Record ID with face scan

With the app, photo scan the animal’s head, and the system will process the imagery and auto-match animal ID to access an animal’s profile on demand.

Phaid Advantages

Compared to Current Traditional Methods
(ear tags, boluses and RFID chips)

1. 100% non-invasive

Phaid technology is completely contactless. All you need is a smartphone to take pictures.

2. Robust Biometric Accuracy and Breed ID

Most robust and contactless method to avoid theft, frauds and identity exchanges with biometric AI accuracy

3. Cost Effective

No hardware maintenance fees. The free app in combination with a fixed licensing fee is cost efficient thought the points in the supply chain.

4. Instant Remote Access

Easily access or register the animal ID profile instantly from anywhere with the the SnapAnimal App

5. Improve strategies, including disease spread preventions

Valuable georeferenced is mass data captured for monitoring animal welfare, epidemiology studies and productivity Improves the ability to control infectious diseases and prevent their spread.


The new frontier for animal identification

It has become increasingly necessary to develop technological solutions that ensure a better ability to identify and track animals and their products to ensure timely planning of development and control strategies of the entire agri-food chain and it is crucial for health, safety and efficiency.


Started in 2017


Italian and U.S. Patents

Upcoming Milestones

Go to market in 2023-24

Extend the identification to other species such as horses, pets, dromedaries.



AImage Lab

The research and development activity is carried out in collaboration with the AImageLab, Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which is already well known as an International pole of excellence in computer vision and artificial intelligence.



The IZSAM has shown great interest in our project. This important investment will allow us not only to apply artificial intelligence to animal identification but also to integrate our technology with the national cattle register.

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