Research fellow, Doctor Abigail Rose Trachtman wins “Pierfilippo Guadagnini” Prize for her research on Farm4Trade’s ADAL Project

Doctor Trachtman, fellow researcher in “Veterinary Medicine Science, Public Health and Animal welfare” won the “Pierfilippo Guadagnini Prize 2021”, awarded by the SIPAS – Italian Society for Pathology and Swine Farming, intended for young researchers who significantly contribute to progress in swine production from a scientifical and applicational point of view. The work Doctor Trachtman carried out was published on the “Veterinary Research” review in 2020.

The research, that has been awarded the Pierfilippo Guadagnini Prize 2021, focuses on the application of image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to the detection, punctuation and classification of lung diseases (pleurisy) on the carcasses of slaughtered pigs.  

The research is part of the Farm4Trade ADAL project, which involves both the Department of Medical and Veterinary Sciences of the University of Teramo and the AImageLab of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The research work that was carried out and published by the research group, of which Dr. Trachtman is part in, on “Veterinary Research”, uses data collected on pigs slaughtered in abattoirs in central and northern Italy between 2017 and 2020, counting almost 8 thousand carcasses analyzed with this new technology – ADAL Automatic Detection of Abattoir Lesions – which allows the identification and classification of the type and extent of lung injuries on pig carcasses at the slaughterhouse.

The value of ADAL research project has been recognized in several occasions, both at national level, with the recent awards received in the StartCupAbruzzo 2020, and in Europe with the Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Union for the project that has been submitted to the Horizon 2020 programme for SMEs. ADAL represents an innovation that can greatly improve the efficiency of the pig production industry thanks to the contribution it offers in improving health surveillance in the zootechnical sector.

The award given to Dr. Trachtman is particularly important, because it underlines how crucial is the collaboration between the academic world and the innovation industry, involving in this case the start-up Farm4Trade.  

Our collaboration made the development and application of a new technology incredibly quick.  ADAL represents a significant advance to ensure an efficient and sustainable use of resources in the zootechnical industry, making it possible for the industry to respond to the emerging demand for greater food safety, food traceability and punctual verification of farming techniques, as well as improving animal health and welfare.  

The collaboration between academic environment, innovative start-ups and slaughter plants made it possible to test and validate the technology in a real operational environment, and now makes available a new tool that allows to carry out “a systematic examination of all slaughtered livestock, positively influencing herd management, animal welfare and profitability” to the pig industry.  

For more information about Farm4Trade’s ADAL – Automatic Detection of Abattoir Lesions – visit www.f4tlab.com/adal