ADAL awarded the SEAL of EXCELLENCE by the European Commission

Farm4Trade’s ADAL R&D project has been awarded the European Commission’s “Seal of Excellence” in March 2020, for the highly innovative potential of our proposal to the Horizon 2020 Funding Program for SMEs.

The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU’s innovation funding program for SMEs, to help them find alternative funding opportunities. It is awarded to outstanding projects that still can’t be funded under the available call budget: in order to obtain the Seal of Excellence a project must accomplish very high quality scores in all its components.

What is ADAL?

Automatic Detection of Abattoir Lesions – is  an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for the automated acquisition of the images of pathological lesions in the organs of slaughtered animals.

We developed ADAL in partnership with the UniMORE AImage Lab, where our technological R&D team is outsourced, and with the University of Teramo‘s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where we have a team of PHD students.

As a first step, ADAL’s goal is to develop and deploy an automated mass data capture system for respiratory diseases in slaughtered pigs.

Through the installation of sensors and cameras along the slaughter line, photos of the carcasses and organs are captured, then analysed by the AI system to detect the presence and severity of diseases.

The identification of lung lesions, at this stage of production, allows both the supplier and the company to assess the impact of animal disease on the product’s quality and therefore on the entire productive and supplying process.

Our ADAL project is the first animal production system to apply deep learning techniques with the scope of significantly elevating environmental friendly and sustainable food production.

ADAL technology aims at making the whole disease inspection and detection processes more integrated, fast and cost effective than they are today, usually carried out manually by an operator on a small number of carcasses.

Today we can’t count on the same amount of data that ADAL could provide and thus allow multiple stakeholders to elaborate preventive and mitigative strategies.

The ADAL system’s main competitive advantages are significant cost reduction, and the ability to perform these analyses on all animals delivered to the slaughterhouse, thus providing the most complete, accurate and valuable information to abattoirs, farmers, veterinary services, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions.

The long term data captured is analysed and insights can serve to improve livestock industry practices that can positively influence major rising global problems such as food supplies, food waste, livestock productivity, food quality and traceability, animal welfare, use of natural resources and reduction of antibiotic use.

ADAL will have an impact on all aspects of the agrifood industry.

With the Seal of Excellence its potential is certified and endorsed by an institution, the European Commission, which indicates eco-friendly innovation as a major propeller to reach its ambitious goal of revolutionizing the food production systems by 2030.

We, as Farm4Trade, are committed to achieving this goal, working towards a more sustainable future.

We are respectful towards nature and value its preservation, we believe human activities are to be  integrated in the ecosystem and  should serve as preventive safety nets against adverse events.

We think man and nature should interact in a conscious, careful way in order to get to the widespread and optimized union of new technologies and low environmental impact livestock production systems.


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